Python 3.2 with Visual Studio 2010 – Why have to find another IDE?

In my previous post Python for Computer Vision, I showed some packages and Python 3.2 for Computer Vision. Python is a language that has many C/C++ properties and also Matlab (script language style), but a Python program is a real program, not a script like Matlab. So if we use Python (instead of Matlab) for implementation our algorithms, it is more convenient to make real program (or GUI program – with PyQt). The second step after install all needed packages for using Python is finding for a good IDE. There are many posts about “best IDE” for Python:
Post 1
Post 2
I just want to find an IDE that easy to use, like VS, QtCreator or DevCpp. And Python integration for Visual Studio 2010 is the best choice for me. It is very lightweight, just 2.5 Mb, and with its VS integration, I can exploit all features of VS, a familiar IDE for me.
After installing PTVS 1.5 Alpha, we can create new Python Project and write new Python program. Very impressive.

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